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God Fearing Families Book
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October 18, 2021
God Fearing Families Book
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October 20, 2021

A Rich Inheritance

God Fearing Families Book

How do you create a God-Fearing Family? How do you expect your children to be what you are not? It seems impossible, and that is why it starts with the parents and the grandparents, because you cannot transfer to your children what you do not have yourself. Start today and make a connection with God in your life. You must have a genuine relationship with God to pass this rich inheritance to your children. Your children do not need money or worldly education more than they need to see you with the fear and love of God. The fathers and mothers who spend their efforts in acquiring money, thinking that possessions are the most important, will not have stable homes. Stable homes will belong to the parents who acquire a relationship with God and who spend their efforts, the rest of their living days, on being kind and uplifting, loving, respectful parents. This relationship builds stability, and these children will advance and will go far beyond all the children on the Earth. These children will have so much more than children who are given great material possessions, a large house, the biggest toys, exotic vacations and expensive cars. “Things” do not build the household that God desires. If the parents have this loving fear of God, if the father is strong enough to be loving and kind to the wife and if the parents reach out to the needy, then you will have a stable family and productive, stable children.

We all have a great responsibility to build up a true, God-fearing and God-focused family. May we never forget this responsibility…may God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven so that we can all point to this glorious Genius, our God, our King!


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