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July 10, 2023
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July 12, 2023

What You Can Do Today

Start by going where God is leading you in Scripture.

Put God in first place. Now that you know that God wants to be your passionate Lover, your Warrior, your five-star General, the Knight who will fight for your honor, and your Hero, what are some changes you can make today that will help you respond to such a King?

Notice the ways God is getting your attention. Have you endured plagues such as tight clothes, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, and hurtful comments from friends and family? God is simply trying to catapult your heart out of Egypt so that you can enter the desert with Him!

Wake up each day and make the choice to serve the awesome Almighty God instead of the false god of food. Food can offer you nothing, while the true God can offer you everything. Now you can go throughout the rest of your day knowing that you are living to serve a Master who loves you!


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