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July 14, 2023
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July 16, 2023

Turning from Idols

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Anyone who has ever spoken on behalf of God turns people from idols. True religion necessitates that we turn heart, soul, mind, and strength away from Egypt, idols, and the love of the world, and surrender them over to developing a personal, obedient relationship with God. You are transferring a bond with the food over to a connection with God. He loves it when you find self-denial for His sake. God rewards you when you exchange your own selfish desires for His will. The Bible warns us that our own desires are evil and self-destructive, and yet God’s perfect and guiding will gives us nourishment, life, long life and eternal life.

Did you wake up the senses inside you? Did you find the internal controls that are led by God? If your stronghold was smoking, did you feel more self-control when you got your mind off the tobacco and turned it toward God? Did you find your rewards, your ways of escape?

Did you wait and find hunger? Did you notice how the food tastes so much better when you are hungry? It is fun to wait and feel victorious over the food! When you are full, God designed the taste buds to “turn off.” You will be unable to taste the full flavor. It is one of God’s ways to encourage you to stop eating at that point.

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