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October 14, 2022
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October 16, 2022

Steps You Can Do Today

To connect to God today, you can start by going where God is leading you in Scripture.

Next, trust in God. In spite of all the things that He has already done for you, are there still times that you question His timetable or doubt His capability to provide for you? If so, commit yourself right now to stop demanding from God and questioning His abilities.

Then demonstrate your trust in God. Wait for hunger, and eat only when your God-given hunger mechanism cues you. Do not grab for anything that God has not provided for you.

Notice the warnings that God and Jesus give. Because of His love for us, God offers many warnings in His Word and often gives us chance after chance to obey. Stop and ask yourself: What is God warning me about? How can I take heed and obey God’s desire for me? And then thank the heavenly Father for His love and His concern for you.

Finally, remember to respectfully obey God’s commands. The Israelites were fearful at Mount Sinai. What kind of fear do you have of God? Are you afraid because you know you have been disobedient, or do you have the fear of God that will keep you from sinning? Our God is very powerful. Commit yourself daily to obey His will for you that day.


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