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It is a Battle Worth Fighting!
September 4, 2023
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Our Circumstances have a Purpose
September 6, 2023

Stay Alert…

Weigh Down Works by Gwen Lara

We are warned many times to be alert. I am convinced that every one of us is supposed to have a raised consciousness. That is why our battles will be something different every day at different hours. We are not going to have the same exams. Yet satan is good at making us believe that we are okay and that there are not any battles. Or on the other end of the spectrum, he is described as the accuser of the brethren, and he makes us feel like failures and makes us want to give up. His tactics are to remain in the background and chip away at us on either end and have us lose the battle so subtly that we do not even know that we are in a battle, much less losing them—like a boat slowly drifting out to sea.

So, put on your Battle Armor, the war is raging! It is frightening to note that many people would never have thought that the very time of day they finally let down their guard and relaxed… the very time that they felt like they deserved to reward themselves with food (after all, they had had such a hard day) is the very time that they are to be awake, alert, on call, in the watchtower, looking for the enemy, and on their guard. The time that they have selected as an occasion to celebrate with food because something wonderful has happened, is the very time that they should be pensive and sober and on their guard. The time that they seemed bored with nothing to do and eating crosses their minds as a way to fill the day, is the time that they must be most prepared with a plan of action, active and busy with carrying out God’s will and resisting the desire to do their own will. The time that they finally think everyone has gone to bed and no one is looking is when the room might be full of demons to lie to them and secretly, skillfully tempt them. Yet wake up and see that God has sent a great crowd of Heavenly Beings cheering you on to victory and providing ways of escape. It is an invisible, daunting war that takes more lives than any war ever experienced on Earth.

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