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July 9, 2023
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Our Bodies are Wonderfully Made!

Weigh Down Works

Our bodies are wonderfully made, and the body instantly knows when something is wrong, from something as small as a paper cut to a broken bone, and it instantly goes to work to heal itself. How God, from just two cells, can reproduce another human where brain, eyes, ears, digestion and absorption, and communication all work is mind-boggling. Each cell is so incredibly complex that scientists have not been able to create life from scratch. The chemical reactions are so complicated that, even though we can carry out each of those chemical reactions in a test tube, we cannot get them all to work in a synthetically built cell. Even with all the wealth of information that we have discovered, most of the processes of the body cannot be functionally duplicated. This knowledge only represents a fraction of the information. Indeed, the Creator is way beyond genius as we know it. To be given life is so marvelous, and then to be allowed to have children is even more wonderful. The study of just the two functions of digestion and absorption is astounding! Spending hours with the books brought me to one major conclusion: there is a Creator who is beyond intelligent and worthy of praise and adoration!


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