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July 8, 2023
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July 10, 2023

Worrying about Missing a Nutrient

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Just as God programmed animals to like different foods, God has programmed the human, and He miraculously coordinated hunger and taste buds and fullness and thirst. The detail that He has gone to should assure you. For example, some proteins do not have all the amino acids that are needed by the body when building new cells. However, God made protein complements where one food would have ample amino acids of what the other protein food source was missing. Peanuts and wheat are protein complements, which is just a peanut butter sandwich. Also, rice and beans are protein complements, which is a typical Mexican dish. All milk, cheese, meat, and egg sources are complete proteins, and you need surprisingly less protein each day than you might expect once you are grown. God has bigger, more eternal things He wants us to study and contemplate. The fear of missing a nutrient is counterproductive and has led to many damaging excesses so that the average American is not living longer than the previous generation. For the first time in many years, the children are expected to live a shorter time than their parents. Keep in mind, modern nutrition is a relatively young science, and people have been living long lives without this modern obsession.

In a capitalistic country, sales gurus capitalize on people’s fears, so it is to their advantage to keep the health fears going. The government has been warning the lay consumer for years that health food stores and the aisles that sell you health foods at the grocery store will sell you food chemicals that your body already manufactures. One common example of this is “lecithin,” a chemical that is part of the makeup of your cells. You do not need to eat lecithin—it is produced by your liver. You are eating useless calories and wasting wealth. Neither your grandparents nor any generation before you ever visited the health food store—yet so many have lived out full lives never worrying about the bacon and eggs they had for breakfast every day.

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