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July 20, 2023
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July 22, 2023

How to Handle Brunches and Buffets

It is always fun to get an invitation from friends to join them for brunch on a weekend or for a special occasion. A brunch usually offers incredible food items such as fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, crepes, waffles, croissants, chicken salad, shrimp cocktail, soups, omelets, and desserts, and a buffet will offer even more! First and foremost, I invite God into every meal because I love Him and I enjoy His food. I worship the Creator instead of the created. Keep your focus on God so that you can love Him and not the food. After I invite God into this wonderful eating occasion, I survey all the food choices available at the brunch or buffet. I carefully make my selections based on what flavors and foods I am craving at the time. I take small amounts of the items I want the most, and once I sit down, I even rate the bites within each item, being picky about taking the most sumptuous pieces. As I take a few bites, I sip a non-caloric drink between them, stopping for a moment and putting my utensils down. I look up from the plate and enjoy the company I am with. At a special occasion, such as a bridal or baby shower, I may be sitting with people I am unfamiliar with. Instead of burying my face in my plate, I enjoy some polite conversation or use this time to catch up on what they’ve been doing lately. I love to be more interested in the company than the food. As a result, I have found that it slows down my eating. And you don’t have to do this just at a special function—apply these principles at home with your family. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together with your spouse and your children.

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