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July 23, 2023
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July 25, 2023

Good News!

I have good news. Even though you have tried many times to quit your bad habit, you are not a failure. You are the exact opposite—you are a prize to be won, and there are two forces fighting over you: the forces of the evil world and the forces of heaven above. Both the evil force and the good force want your heart and soul. Now, just why would both forces want you so badly if you are a nothing or a failure? Indeed, you are very valuable—so valuable that much has gone into the planning and executing of even getting your heart to beat, so valuable that God has invested in an attentive heavenly staff to help you along, grow you, test you, and keep you from the evil forces (Job 7:17–19).

Yes, you have tried to quit smoking, cussing, stealing, lying, being lazy, watching too much TV, lusting, hating, or being negative or depressed, but you have just not been able to overcome. No, you are not really happy, and many a day you would like to end your life or you wish that God would save you the trouble and do it for you. Self-mutilation to make you feel better is whispered in the ear by Satan. But just because you are not happy, that does not mean that you are not valuable. Remember, you are a prize to be won. This lack of happiness you are feeling comes from misdirected dedication and effort in life. It comes from not directing all your energy toward a give-and-take relationship with God. The unhappiness comes from not taking the time to comprehend how wonderful it is to be in good with the only Person we should be in good with—and that is the invisible God of the universe.

You will experience inexpressible joy and peace when you finally understand that you have an opportunity to be promoted to the largest corporation of the universe, that you get to join the most prestigious army of the world, that you get to be married (see marriage symbolism in 2 Cor. 11:2; Rev. 19:7; 21:2) to the best-looking and most-loving and richest Husband of all times, or that you get to be best friends with the most coordinated top Athlete of every sport: baseball, football, wrestling, soccer, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, and track. You have the opportunity to be connected to the richest Banker there ever was or ever will be, and you are able to get to know and use the healing hand of the number one intellectual Genius and medical Physician of all times.

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