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August 1, 2023
Weigh Down Revolution
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August 3, 2023

Going Back to the Growl…

Weigh Down Revolution

If you have done Weigh Down before, do you remember how it was when you first start­ed? What did it feel like? You literally abandoned what you were doing before; you abandoned dieting, and you got in there and started finding the growl. You were so excited wait­ing on that growl. You were so focused on finding the growl and finding the full, that suddenly you looked up and you had lost weight, and it was the most exciting thing you had ever done in your life—eating regular foods and eating what you really liked! Why was that so much fun? Be­cause you were free.

But then about Week Three, satan came in and you may have started to focus sideways or began to wonder how far outside the bounds you could go, and you lost sight of the growl. Simply by taking your eyes off the growl, you went and overate. Then, you got on the scales and you looked down and your weight had gone up…what did you do? You panicked and went back to your old habits and old reasoning of worry­ing about particular foods or controlling meal times or your tricks and gimmicks that you allowed yourself because they have always tended to work for you in the short-term in getting weight off. You started focus­ing on the scales, head hunger snuck back in, and the next thing you know, you went backwards and you did not know how to get out.

You have to get rid of this panic feeling. All I want you to focus on is the growl. The growl is God speaking to you. You can literally find God Almighty with a growl, and that is why you will want to wait. You want that Connection more than anything you have ever wanted.


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