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July 5, 2023
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July 7, 2023

God’s Natural Biological Feedback

Weigh Down Works

When you learn to eat regular foods in the correct amounts using hunger and fullness, you have achieved 90 percent of sound and life-giving nutrition. How is this possible? It is because calories are the main nutrient need, and you can hardly make a mistake. Glucose is the chemical [C6H12O6] that you need to run each cell in the body. All the food groups are simply chemicals that can be converted to glucose by the liver, thus providing the needed fuel to run on. The last 10 percent is learning what the body is calling for, and you can sense the need for fluids, calories, and vitamins. For example, you may crave orange juice from time to time or you might have a hankering for milk and cereal. You do not want at lunch what your body asked for at breakfast, and you do not crave for dinner what you ate at lunch. You have had sensations of never wanting to eat a certain food again when you have overdone it. This is all biological feedback that is programmed into the brilliantly made body you have been given.

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