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Weigh Down Basics, the basics to PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS

This class focuses on the basic revolutionary weight loss principles which will have helped thousands lose all their weight. Get rid of mindless eating, emotional eating, boredom eating, diet rules, and harsh treatment of the body forever! This class is specifically for those who are brand new to Weigh Down and those who want to refresh themselves on the foundational principles of Weigh Down.

This powerful intensive class is 6 weeks long. You will have 6 video lessons along with 6 audio class lessons. In addition, you will have access to a downloadable Weigh Down Basics Workbook and reinforcement lessons to keep you focused. The Weigh Down Basics class is available in English with options for English, Spanish, and Italian subtitles. If you would like to purchase an additional hard back workbook, click here. The Spanish version of the Weigh Down Basics workbook is also available HERE. There are several ways to take this class. First you must be a Weigh Down All Access member. This membership gives you access to all of the classes and resources mentioned above. Once you sign up for All Access, you will be able to take this class as a personal on demand study or you can sign up for a specific class time hosted with a group by a coordinator. If you choose to take it with a group, please see class times listed below. You will sign up for those specific class times once your Weigh Down All Access Membership is complete.

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