Weigh Down Virtual Rally
Weigh Down Virtual Rally III
August 15, 2018
How to Fix a Broken Marriage
How to Fix a Broken Marriage
October 5, 2018

Weigh Down Virtual Rally IV

Weigh Down TV Presents – Weigh Down Virtual Rally IV

Let this year be the year you lose all of your excess weight and are free forever from diets, obesity and any other issue that is worrying you! Join with thousands of participants all over the world as we put into practice the basic teachings of Christ and learn the “How To” steps we need to take to turn to God and fill up on Him instead of food. Weigh Down Founder Gwen Shamblin will answer questions from participants that cover a huge variety of subjects related to food and how to eat God’s way…which is within the boundaries of physical hunger and fullness. You also will hear success stories and find out how to approach food, what to do when tempted and how to access the many resources available to you on this journey.

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