Weigh Down - Tedd Anger - 55 Pound Weight Loss
Tedd Anger – Weight Loss of 55 Pounds
November 22, 2016
Practical Weight Loss Tips for Men
Practical Weight Loss Tips for Men
December 5, 2016

How to Overcome Depression and Find True Joy

Weigh Down TV Presents – How to Overcome Depression and Find True Joy

What if we told you… that the answer to ending depression and discovering a happiness that truly is lifelong…is within your grasp and it does NOT require a pill, a doctor’s visit, or hours and hours of psycho-analysis? What if the answer to that question not only helped you overcome depression but ALSO helped you lose excess weight, stop overspending, and fix broken relationships? This isn’t “hype.” It is VERY real and it is happening to hundreds of people of all ages…all over the world! At this point in time, more people are “hooked” on vices than ever before in recorded history. All of the statistics regarding addictions are headed in the wrong direction. But there is HOPE! On this episode of the “You Can Overcome” show, you will hear amazing perspective and teaching from Gwen Shamblin…and you will watch and discover how two young millennials, Garrett Stewart and Brittany Baril, lost over 100 pounds total, overcame soul-crushing depression, and found true joy and happiness! The answer is in finding a true, loving, obedient connection and relationship with the One True God of the Universe. And yes, He WANTS to have a relationship with YOU! People are discovering this peace and happiness at ALL ages, and it doesn’t take years and years of counseling, surgery, drugs, or any other substances. Finding God’s will for your life, and then following it, keeps you focused on ONE thing…and then God comes back and makes sure that all of your needs are met each day. Garrett and Brittany didn’t do anything that YOU yourself can’t also do. Watch this Video and be encouraged that you too can overcome depression and find true joy!

Special Guests: Garrett Stewart, Brittany Baril
Filmed live on November 30, 2016

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