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January 11, 2023
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January 13, 2023

What Should I Drink for Weight Loss Success?

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We suggest that you drink only non-caloric drinks, such as water, diet sodas, and artificially sweetened tea while you are learning how to sense the body’s needs. If you drink sugared tea or sodas, milk, fruit juice, or sports drinks throughout the day, the glucose or the sugar from them will keep your blood sugars up, the result being somewhat like an IV bag in the hospital. If the blood sugar levels stay elevated, then the stomach will not growl or feel hungry. Continually popping mints or hard candy, chewing sugared gum, and putting cream in your coffee will have the same effect on your blood sugar.
Drinking sugared and naturally-sweetened drinks such as juice is the number one reason that children are reluctant to eat solid foods. This, more often than not, results in the child becoming anemic. Therefore, limit sweet drinks and start using non-caloric drinks or water.


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