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March 12, 2022
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What To Do If You Cannot Find Hunger

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Within 1 to 36 hours, most new WeighDown participants find hunger. The more pounds you have to lose or the bigger the last binge was, the longer the wait for your first hunger. After your first hunger, it may come around one to four times per day, depending on how small each eating occasion is. Ask God for a clear signal of hunger. Make sure you drink only water or artificially sweetened drinks while waiting.

If you have not found hunger by the end of 36 hours, we suggest that you go ahead and eat a small amount of food and then start the process over. Hunger should come soon thereafter. Keep praying for God to show you. The point is not the legalism of hunger and fullness—the point is to ask God to help you be less greedy for food and to come to Him instead. You will get the hang of this.

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