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The Night Lie, Part I
November 14, 2022
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November 16, 2022

The Night Lie, Part II

Yesterday, we discussed the Night Lie and the pressure that can come on suddenly in the evening to take care of yourself and fall for whatever temptation is put before you. Don’t fall for this pressure lie, whatever it is: you will not see the food again, you must eat before anyone sees you, you might not get this chance again, etc. You must say “no” and see that you have plenty of food available to you. You may have already packed on extra meals. Tell yourself the truth. Look into the mirror before you eat—not afterwards. This applies to overdrinking. You need to remember your night before and your embarrassing behavior before you drink, and don’t count on this night being different. You need to look into your closet before you go shopping—not after. You say you’re going to return it—but do you? You are afraid that you will need that article of clothing. If you stop and see the truth about your bad track record and say no, you will be so blessed. Breakthrough! In just a few minutes you will find that God has given you a way of escape and a blessing. The Truth will set you free. Get your Truth Cards and Scripture ready. Why lie to yourself for another 10 to 20 years? Is that what you want? No! So stop lying, tell the truth to yourself when you hear the lie, and let go of these worries. The night lie is met with the night truth, and you will lose all your weight. Yeah! Notice that you typically weigh yourself in the mornings. Start weighing in at 5:00pm. Night truth—a new concept! We are going to break through the darkness!

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