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November 9, 2022
Weigh Down Revolution
Flying Above the Scales
November 11, 2022

No Worries about Weight or Food Ever Again

Weigh Down Revolution

All that has happened to you on your journey is not for naught. God has been right there with you this entire time. You are not a failure. God is with you, and we are ready now for the next phase. The white flag of surrender to the will of God is now in your heart. In the Lord, and by walking in the Spirit—staying focused on God and His hunger and fullness—is how you were able to get that weight off before. Again, can I just remind you of what staying inside the Zone, God’s boundaries of hunger and fullness, feels like? To be free of dieting forever and only wait for hunger? You have no thought of food, and you do not worry about the scales or weight. It is the most joyous feeling on the planet because you are liberated from the food controlling you, and you feel connected to God and to Christ with a panic-free hope that you can do this all your life. No panic to get the weight off at a certain speed for an event, a wedding, or a Festival because you are losing weight and on your way. There is complete peace.

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