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December 10, 2021
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How to Start Losing Weight Again

If you have stumbled and are wanting to get back on track, start off by  reviewing the basics of Weigh Down at and in your materials. But know that you can get started right now. An important part of the process of repentance includes the recognition that our relationship with God is wounded if our hearts are unclean—in other words, if our hearts secretly long for or lust for something else on this Earth—for more, that is, than what the Father has allotted. If we are plotting for, longing for, or wanting something on this earth, then we cannot be plotting for, longing for, or wanting God with all of our hearts. We can have only one master and love of our lives. All other false gods or idols in our lives should pale next to the true, awesome, and coordinated God of the universe. So in other words, the first major step is to recognize that you have been trying to clean up everything else—all in the name of God, of course—and you had no idea that cleaning up your own heart is the major job description God has given you.

The second step is to realize that if even a piece of your heart is not right, it is hurting God’s heart, and it prevents a wholehearted relationship with God. Anytime someone or something besides God has hold of your heart, it is sin. Instead of making a list of specific things, learn that you can feel it in your heart. If you are attached to any person, anything, or any behavior that you cannot seem to stop, that is a heart attachment—a stronghold—and you need to let go and cling to God or just wait on God. Jonah 2:8 states that those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.

The third major step is to turn your mind and heart and soul to God—turn to God any way you know how. You need to direct your sensitivity toward God and away from the stronghold.