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You Fall in Love with What You Focus on
April 12, 2022
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April 14, 2022

Food is Not Your Friend

Weigh Down Works

Food is not a good source of entertainment or a good escape from your problems or a good thing to fill up time—it is not a good thing to use to escape the fear of being bored, nor a good friend to take the place of relationships. How do you know? You have backaches, joint pains, and a closet full of clothes that are too small. It is the cause of your poor oxygen intake and sleeping complications, snoring, etc. That is why you have headaches, stomachaches, and generally feel exhausted all the time. Overeating puts a tremendous strain on any relationship—especially your spouse—and you cannot play with your children. The feeling of hopelessness… “What is the use” keeps crossing your mind. Overweight is perhaps the number one cause of depression. WeighDown has thousands of testimonies where people walk free from depression each day. Watch and record your emotions this week in your journal. Notice how you will have more energy and more joy and more exhilaration this week than you have had in years if you continue with the transfer of this relationship from bowing down to the pan of brownies over to bowing down to the most loving Heavenly Father and His precious Son, Jesus Christ.

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