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December 9, 2021
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December 11, 2021

An Epic Spiritual Journey

Weigh Down Revolution

Now…if you have tried WeighDown in the past, take a moment to walk down memory lane. Do you remember the years of overweight and dieting? Do you remember when you first found WeighDown? You had been thru so much pain, dieted for years and years and had struggled for so long, and once you cried out to God, He sent WeighDown, a revolutionary approach to losing weight. Freedom at last! You felt so loved by God. For some of you, that has been almost 20 years ago. You were so excited and focused on just finding hunger, and you lost weight in a big way. Do you remember how it felt with the new focus—the hope, the freedom, and you had never felt so much energy? It was total freedom and a newfound relationship with God—many things in life changed as you were losing weight. Most of all, there was a river of hope in your heart and home. Can you remember that it was not hard and you were successful? But do you also remember that you became prideful because you thought you had this whole WeighDown thing down, so you pulled away and gained it back? Then you tried a second round of classes and you had some breakthroughs but still did not totally get it, so you gave up and gained the weight back again.

Time passed, and after a long break and much failure from going back to man-made diets and exercise and gimmicks—it brings us to this very hour…God has brought you back one more time, and it is for a great reason. It is time. And in the scheme of a spiritual walk with God, it is not that long ago. You may feel down on yourself…as if you should have all your weight off by now and that you should already know everything…that something is wrong with you—but to the contrary, you are still on the right purposeful path. You are on an epic spiritual journey. God, thru WeighDown, introduced you to another whole world on a different plane with real live demons and spiritual warfare like never before. You did not realize the opposition of the dark side until you tried to obey the Lord God Most High. Why would you expect the seeking of the invisible Kingdom of God to be simple and easy or to be obtained in such a short time—especially in a world of distractions? The spiritual Kingdom of God is much more complicated. There is nothing wrong with you—you have not wasted time…you are right on target—very much wanted and adored. It is time to gear back up to live out your purpose.

For more on this, see the Revolution Class available on Weigh Down TV.