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Staying Near
December 16, 2021
Making the Commitment
December 18, 2021

A Beautiful Relationship of Love for God

Do you watch the feet of Jesus and concentrate on what He did? He always spoke the truth in love and stayed busy in Kingdom work every day, not caring about what naysayers thought but only what the needs of the people were. Christ lost Himself in God and now has right-hand recognition and position and power. Simply put, He has a lot of money, and He will live forever and ever, ruling with God. Is there a higher reward? Tell me what pays greater dividends. People work out and get exercise and go to the doctor for health check-ups and take a lot of the medicines prescribed to lower blood pressure and prolong life. Nothing lowers your blood pressure more than a relationship with God where you can pray about every worry. Health is from a relationship with the Creator. Ultimately, it was the transfer of a relationship with the food over to a relationship with God that stopped your greed, which resulted in weight loss. Ultimately, it was a relationship with God that gave you more confidence that someone really loved you so that you could love your spouse back. This security resulted in not trying to prove that you were right or to argue, so now your relationships are rewardingly strong. You have no fear of your love leaving your side. God gets the credit! I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Your relationship with God is what you need to concentrate on. Stay near; hold His Word near and dear to your heart; follow His lead. Stay close at hand for whatever is needed to be done. Listen to His voice and obey. Have only eyes and ears and passion for God. Find out what is blocking this relationship and demolish it while you have a chance.


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