Exodus Out of Egypt: The Change Series

Exodus Out of Egypt by Gwen ShamblinNext Step After Weigh Down Basics

Exodus Out of Egypt: The Change Series, Your Next Step After Weigh Down Basics

Once you have completed the Weigh Down Basics Class, keep your momentum going with this next class. You will find self-control as you enjoy all the wonderful and God-given foods you have been denying yourself for so long. You will no longer feel controlled by the food or have the desire to binge at night when no one is looking! This class will teach you how to plug back into your God-given physical signals, and you will find incredible freedom in your eating as you learn to follow God’s perfect will in regard to food.

This class is 8 weeks long. You will have 8 video lessons along with 8 audio class lessons. In addition, you will have access to a downloadable Exodus Out of Egypt Workbook and reinforcement lessons to keep you focused. If you would like to purchase an additional workbook, click here. There are several ways to take this class. First you must be a Weigh Down All Access member. This membership gives you access to all of the classes and resources mentioned above. Once you sign up for All Access, you will be able to take this class as a personal on demand study or you can sign up for a specific class time hosted with a group by a coordinator. If you choose to take it with a group, please see class times listed below. You will sign up for those specific class times once your Weigh Down All Access Membership is complete.

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