If you have purchased a music download from our online store and are having difficulty downloading or adding the download to your media player of choice, the following instructions are provided to help clarify some of the process:
1) After purchasing the downloadable MP3 or eBook file, you will be shown your order.  On the order page you will see of list with your download(s) included in that list with a button beside each download.
Download button

* If you come back to the store later, you can return to your order by logging into your account, clicking on the Your Account button in the top right, and selecting Account and then selecting your order from your Orders tab by clicking on the “View Order” button to the right of the order you need to view.

Download button

** You can also view all digital downloads by clicking on the Digital Goods tab to the right of the Orders tab on your Account page.

Download button

2) Click on the Download button.
  • If you have a Windows PC, in Internet Explorer (left side) you should be prompted with a window with the buttons “Open”, “Save” and “Cancel”.  Choose “Save” and save it where you keep your eBook or MP3 files. Other browsers, such as Google Chrome (right side) may automatically download the file. You can then click on the arrow on the right of the box that appears and choose Show in folder to open the folder where the file downloaded.


  • If you are using a Mac, the file should automatically download to your Downloads folder.  You can click on the magnifying glass icon to navigate to that folder.

3) For eBooks, after you have the file on your computer, for assistance Click HERE.  For MP3 files, after you have the file on your computer, you can add it to your Media Player of choice.  Below are links to How-To’s for Apple’s iTunes and Microsoft’s Windows Media Player (Android devices vary).

* In order to sync these MP3s with a mobile device, you will need to follow the instructions related to your mobile device. Apple devices use iTunes to sync audios. Other devices vary.